e shtunë, 9 qershor 2007

Stawiski Get-togethers/ Sukkot in Stawiski?

Anyone interested in participating in informal get-togethers please let me know so we can start organizing.

Having read about the Shabbaton in Przemysl http://przemysl.blogspot.com/
I thought it might be nice to try to organize a similar event for Stawiski. Because Stawiski is so small and does not have a hotel a Shabbaton might not be doable. I am now thinking about Sukkot in Stawiski for one day in October 2008 during Hol Hamoed. Anyone interested?

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Andrzej Lobelio tha...

The case is that Lukasz Biedka is extremely reasonable and well-orginised person and the Przemysl Shabbaton was something very unique all over Poland. It will be difficult to follow his steps.

Nevertheless, I would love to be involved in the project, although my family is not exactely of the shteltl of Stawiski.