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Lomza District Death list 1939-45

I just obtained a book that is a list of people killed in Lomza during WW2.
Would be happy to look up names for you. The author of the book is Leszek Kocoń, and its title is "Zaginieni 1939 - 45. Postępowania o uznanie za zmarłego i stwierdzenie zgonu - powiat łomżyński".

e martë, 26 qershor 2007

Roots Trip to Poland - September 2007

This September my family and I are planning a roots trip to Poland. We will be visiting most of the towns that have relevance to our family plus of course Warsaw, Krakow, Auschwitz and also touristy places such as the salt mine near Krakow and the forest near Bialystok. The itinerary is on the connected website at http://stawiskijewish.googlepages.com/upcomingstawiskitrip-2007

My maternal grandparents and their extended families were from Stawiski and Lomza in the northeast. My paternal great grandfather was from Kolbasov, Poland but that today is in the Ukraine and not Poland. My husbands family was from Plonsk and Tarnow. They relocated to Legnica after the war where they lived until immigrating to Israel.

We will be traveling by train from Warsaw to Krakow but renting a car to get to the rest of the places.

To help prepare for the trip I have been trying to learn a bit of Polish and have even found a private tutor who will soon be giving me lessons. It is easy to learn words but not so easy to pronounce them!!!

I would be happy to hear from anyone elseplanning a trip or suggestions from anyone who has already done one.

Grudzinski photo cd available

irvg01 said...
I have a CD show made up of pictures of the Grudznski's some that date back to about 1908. I'm willing to send to anyone that would like a copy. Leave your name and address and I'll send one out.

Irv Goldberg

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Please send pictures, stories, looking for.....

Your Stawiski area pictures, stories, name searches etc are all welcome on this blog and connected website


Please let me know where you want them placed.

I have read that throughout Poland people are discovering pictures and diaries that their Jewish friends and neighbors left with them during World War 2. If you have such items please share them with the world by posting them to this blog or the website. Also if you have your own stories of your experineces from that era those would be very welcome as well.

Looking forward!!!!

Stawiski Get-togethers/ Sukkot in Stawiski?

Anyone interested in participating in informal get-togethers please let me know so we can start organizing.

Having read about the Shabbaton in Przemysl http://przemysl.blogspot.com/
I thought it might be nice to try to organize a similar event for Stawiski. Because Stawiski is so small and does not have a hotel a Shabbaton might not be doable. I am now thinking about Sukkot in Stawiski for one day in October 2008 during Hol Hamoed. Anyone interested?

Stawiski Website

I have set up a website to work together with this blog. Please visit the website at


It is still under construction so please check back frequently for additions. I welcome and ideas and suggestions to help improve both the website and blog.